Pollen and Mold Allergy Diagnostics & Therapy

Seasonal Allergy Treatment

Coloradans are faced with a geographic challenge that presents a wide variety of seasonal and perennial allergies. Grass, tree and weed pollens are common throughout the year, ranking the state as one of the worst places for allergy sufferers.

Steamboat Springs is known for its high ragweed pollen count.

Ragweed is a late summer and early fall allergen. Symptoms include itchy and watery eyes, severe nasal congestion, sinus pressure, headache and cough. Immunotherapy is an option to help patients control the impact of the allergen.

Mold allergy is an insidious and perennial allergen problem in Colorado.

Mold allergens are not only found in the environment, they are also in homes and workplaces. They are present in decomposing compost, hay and grasses. They also thrive in areas that trap moisture such as basements and bathrooms. Mold can be very difficult to identify, eradicate and control.

Mold allergy is a very common trigger for asthma in adults and children. It can be difficult to distinguish infection symptoms from mold allergy symptoms such as cough and sinusitis. Frequently, children and adults are treated with antibiotics for infection symptoms that are actually mold allergy triggered.

At Yampa Valley Medical Center Ears, Nose and Throat Clinic, diagnosis and management of mold allergy are key to treating chronic sinusitis patients. This approach helps decrease the incidence of repeat surgical procedures and nasal polyp regrowth in allergy sufferers.

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