Injection & Sublingual Immunotherapy Treatment

Allergy Shots Vs. The Allergy Drop®

Diagnosis is the most effective step in allergy and asthma management. Once the unknown becomes known, most families and patients will follow the diagnosis with changes in their environment to improve symptoms. Allergy medication can also help alleviate symptoms. However, some triggers cannot be controlled despite the appropriate avoidance and medicines that follow allergy diagnosis.

Since these allergic reactions are occurring in a defined area of the immune system, we can engage the immune system in a process known as desensitization or immunotherapy. Immunotherapy involves the delivery of graduated doses of the offending allergy proteins to the patient on a scheduled basis for a period of three to five years. Not only do these treatments lead to symptom control, permanent desensitization or cure can follow these treatments.

No two allergy patients’ profiles are exactly the same. Therefore, allergy immunotherapy is an individualized and customized approach to treatment. Tailored to the individual patient, immunotherapy is the most natural way of treating allergy triggered conditions. The allergy concentrates used in immunotherapy are standardized FDA approved, naturally occurring extracts.

Immunotherapy doses can be delivered in two modalities: Subcutaneous injection (shots) or sublingual drops (under the tongue). Both modalities have been extensively studied in double-blinded placebo controlled studies. The results show a positive impact on symptoms and the development of lifelong immunity.

Yampa Valley Medical Center Ears, Nose and Throat Clinic in Steamboat Springs is a major proponent for sublingual immunotherapy due to its increased safety and ease of use in the application of children and adults. Our product, The Allergy Drop, is chosen by patients for their immunotherapy needs.

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A Little Drop Goes a Long Way

The Allergy Drop is a once daily formulation that’s customized to treat and cure your allergies. Made from FDA approved, organic allergy concentrates, it’s clinically proven to provide the allergy relief you need.

The Allergy Drop will change the way you live, one day, one drop at a time.