Home Allergy Shots

Self Injection Instructions

Administering allergy shots at home can be a more convenient way to manage the symptoms of seasonal allergies. Please take great care in following the instructions below and contact the Yampa Valley Medical Center Ears, Nose and Throat Clinic should you have any questions.


  1. Draw the vaccine into the syringe always keeping the needle of the syringe below the level of the vaccine.
  2. Make sure all large air bubbles are forced out of the syringe.
  3. Choose an area of muscle mass, clear of any bone, and cleanse the injection site.
  4. Now, hold the syringe near the needle section and thrust it forward with a quick motion of the wrist (as if throwing a dart). Insert the needle into the skin as deep as possible. Use only a 1/2″, 26-28 gauge needle.
  5. With the needle in the patient, remove the left fingers from the syringe and grasp the hub of the needle and the syringe securely. Use the right hand to draw back on the syringe very slightly. If blood appears in the syringe, do not complete the injection, but instead discard the remaining solution and contact the Yampa Valley Medical Center Ears, Nose and Throat Clinic for a replacement.
  6. Press the plunger into the syringe to inject the vaccine into the patient.
  7. Withdraw the needle and use an absorbent cloth, tissue or napkin to apply pressure to the injection site.

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My allergies are gone.  My sinus problems are gone.  Both thanks to Dr. Jason Sigmon.

Jennie Lovel