Asthma, Kids and Aerochamber Tips and Pearls


My Child With Asthma: Inhalers, Aerochambers, Nebulizers…Am I doing it right?

Ok parents with asthmatic kids; Are you struggling with your child and the use of their asthma inhalers?

Or even if you have a system in place that seems to work, do you worry sometimes if they are getting all of the medicine?

Having an asthmatic child is a doubt plagued situation for many parents. When your child has a flare-up in symptoms you can’t  help but sometimes wonder, “Was it because they didn’t get their medicine appropriately”?

You are not alone. After over 15 years managing children with allergies and asthma I can assure you that most if not all parents will have these feeling from time to time.

So lets talk about it.

#1 Get an aerochamber.  These devices take away the ‘timing’ necessary to ensure the maximum deposition of the medicine in your child’s lungs.

#2 Get nebulizer. I would prefer all of my families with asthmatic children under the age of 7 have a nebulizer system for home use. If nothing else, it can be very helpful for acute reactions for administering rescue meds such as albuterol. It’s the best mechanism for medicine delivery in children ages 2 and younger

#3 While relying on #1 & #2 above as your fail safe options, don’t sell your kids short. You’ll be surprised how with a little practice they can figure out the timing of using an inhaler without a spacer. Have them practice blowing out all the air from their lungs (like blowing out a candle or blowing up an imaginary balloon). Next, have them open their mouth and seal the mouth around the device and suck in when they see you activate the inhaler.

Jason B Sigmon, MD , FAAOA