Adult Allergy Testing

Adult Allergy Testing


Thats what we want when suffering from allergy symptoms. While the history of any adult symptoms, and how and when they occur is our first line in finding those answers, tests are often needed to confirm the adults allergies and identify any unknown triggers.


Things have changed in the world of allergy diagnosis and at Northwest Sinus and Allergy Clinic we embrace these new FDA approved technologies.

At Northwest Sinus and Allergy Clinic we utilize epicutaneous needless systems for allergy diagnosis as well as serum (blood draw) in vitro technologies such as ImmunoCAP and the new dry blood spot testing (finger stick) in vitro tests as well.

We offer customized testing panels for food alllergy and all grasses, trees, weeds, molds and animal danders endemic to our region of the country.

Our testing results are read and recorded by Dr Sigmon at the time of service, not by a technician or medical assistant.

And at Northwest Sinus and Allergy Clinic you see the Doctor FIRST, prior to any testing so that Dr. Jason Sigmon can determine the type and necessity of testing based upn his exam and clinical history, just the opposite of the inefficient and abusive model of maximally testing the patient BEFORE the patient even sees the Doctor.